working with nature to protect the environment

Cycling nutrients under a rainbow

The power of the sun "photosynthesis" is used by beneficial bacteria to stabilize nutrients in preparation for land application.

Working with Mother Nature

Naturally occurring bacteria power the system

"Build it and they will come"

Enhancing crop production

Healthy soil, produces healthy crops, which nourishes the cows so they can produce lots of milk!

Nutrient flow through a dairy

We do NOT want to lose 80% of the Nitrogen and Sulfur to the air

Conventional systems function anaerobically and lose valuable nutrients, throwing the system into imbalance.

Cows are fed better than people, from a nutrient balance perspective.  We want to maintain that nutrient balance when we return the nutrients to the land.  This will produce higher yields and help to remediate past accumulations of other nutrients, like phosphorus through increased crop removal.

No harm to crops

Healthy nutrient water has no odor and plants love it

Crops "tell you" that they like what you are doing for them!

When we maintain nutrient balance and we apply the nutrients at the appropriate "agronomic" rate, the crop response says it all.  

This really works!

Managing Nutrients is a "Big Deal" !!!

Remediation of excess Phosphorus

Phosphorus and other nutrients can only be removed from the soil by growing crops.  By bringing balance back to the soil, yields will increase, which increases nutrient removal and improves soil health.

Center pivot irrigation is an excellent way

In the photo on the right, overhead irrigation is being used to distribute nutrients directly from the manure lagoon system.  The stable, balance nutrient package brings life to the soil, without the toxicity that is often considered "normal".

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Real LIfe Example

Here nutrients were applied directly from the lagoon.  Notice the ratio of Nitrogen to Phosphorus is almost 8 to 1.  The Nitrogen is staying in the water as living protein, so there is no odor.

The crop removes more phosphorus than was applied.  The crop is of very high quality.

Freshwater Information

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